Brian Koffman Interviews Dr. Kipps

Three of a four part interview with CLL doctor, Dr. Tom Kipps from UC San Diego, we hear him present a vision of the future of “personalized” cancer therapy in general and CLL in particular.

Kipps Interview Part 1- Brian Koffman Interview

Kipps Interview – Part 2

Kipps Interview – Part 3

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Subclonal evolution involving SF3B1 mutations in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

In this report, Dr. Schwaederlé and other research associates at the UC San Diego BCRF lab investigate the progression of SF3B1 mutations in the CLL B cells over time in an attempt to elucidate whether there exists subclonal evolution involving SF3B1 mutations in CLL. Accumulation of CLL cells harboring mutations in SF3B1 suggests that such subclones have some competitive advantage, which might account for accelerated progression of the disease in some patients over time. Alternatively, subclones of CLL cells might be selected during therapy, similar to what has been observed in mutations involving TP53 in CLL cells of patients treated with standard chemotherapy.

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