The Promise of Immuno-Oncology to Treat CLL

From Patient Power:

Could a patient’s own immune system be sparked to fight chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)? Research into immunotherapy—or immuno-oncology—CLL treatment approaches is currently underway and creating buzz. Dr. Thomas Kipps, a leading CLL expert, explores immuno-oncology treatments in development, how they work and why he finds the research “truly exciting.”

CLL Patient Meeting April 23rd, 2015!!!!

In honor of Miles Pendleton, CLL patient and advocate, the CLL Research Consortium, (along with the Blood Cancer Research Fund), is hosting a patient education and empowerment meeting. The meeting will take place at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, in La Jolla, California. We will cover a wide-range of topics: from early stage CLL, prognosis, targeted therapies, to forming your own CLL team. By the end of the meeting the participants will have a clear understanding of the new research developments, treatments types, and how to address needs beyond just treatment of CLL. Participants will also understand the importance of clinical research and how clinical research benefits everyone! For ticket or additional information go to: