Biology of Cancer

The Blood Cancer Research Fund is involved in discovering the underlying biology of blood cancers. Genetic markers are becoming increasingly important in determining disease aggressiveness and potentially effective therapeutic strategies. With the volume of research being produced each year, we are getting increasingly close to solving the cancer puzzle! The Blood Cancer Research Fund, under the leadership of Dr. Thomas J. Kipps, is immersed in discovering the biology of cancer. By understanding the subtle changes in genetics, signaling pathways, and other areas we can identify ways to stop cancer.

Emerging technologies such as cytogenetics are becoming increasing important in making effective clinical decisions. For instance, we helped to show that patients with leukemic cells that have a deletion at chromosome 11q or 17p or have an additional chromosome 12, do better with different treatment strategies than patients lacking those chromosomal changes. Identifying biologic and genetic changes that occur in patients is important for more than prognostic signi´Čücance, but also for uncovering the mechanisms that enable cancer to survive and function.

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