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Welcome to the Blood Cancer Research Fund!

The Blood Cancer Research Fund (BCRF) concentrates on developing cures for all types of blood related cancers. This research includes Leukemia, Lymphoma, and many others.

The BCRF concentrates on developing cures for all types of blood related cancers and is located at the UC San Diego, Moores Cancer Center in La Jolla, Ca.


The BCRF labs are located at the new 270,000 square foot, UC San Diego, Moores Cancer Center. The facility is the largest project ever undertaken by the UC San Diego, Health Sciences. The new building allows for the consolidation of the extensive clinical, research, education and community outreach programs of the UC San Diego, Moores Cancer Center. The facility contains state-of-the-art clinical space that is also comfortable and welcoming for patients; modern laboratories to support research that advances prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malignancy; and areas dedicated to patient support and education – all core missions of the region’s only NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center.

Clinical investigation can often proceed independent of laboratory research. For this, epidemiological or clinical observations are made to study the features associated with disease pathogenesis, progression, or response to therapeutic intervention. While basic and clinical research can be pursued independently, it is evident that they cannot contribute their full potential without a bridge, allowing basic science discoveries to be translated into improved diagnostics and therapies for human disease. Translational research in cancer provides this bridge.

Blood Cancer Research Fund: 2014

We have four core programs that we have built to foster translational research are:

Clinical Trials Development

A critical function of finding curative therapies is the ability to take discoveries from the laboratory and transition them into clinical trials as quickly as is safe. Active participation in bed-to-bench-to-bed research occurs and is essential for the development of improved diagnostics, disease-monitoring strategies, and treatments for patients with cancer.

Laboratory Research

Clinical investigation can often proceed independent of laboratory research. But this is less than ideal, in that clinician need to understand the biology of the disease. The process of taking laboratory discoveries and bringing them to the clinic is called translational research. While many basic researchers can envision how their activities can contribute to improvements in the diagnosis or treatment of cancer, the BCRF actually makes this realization happen! The BCRF is engauged in creating novel diagnostics, as well as, a wealth of other reseach. These laboratory studies are aimed at improving everyones understanding of blood cancers.

The Blood Cancer Reseach Fund also serves as an international resource for CLL tissue samples, collected in coordination with the CLL Research Consortium (CRC) . The BCRF is also involved with familial CLL genetics studies.

Post-doctoral fellowships

Fellowships with the Blood Cancer Research Foundation focus on defining important clinical problems experienced in oncologic practice, and discovering the keys to solving them using modern laboratory research methods. Others work to test whether emerging basic scientific discoveries can lead to specific improvements in the clinical care of cancer patients.

Biomedical informatics

As translational research becomes more common in multi-institutional and community settings, the need for cost and resource effective solutions to increase the facility of researchers to manage the conduct of such studies is becoming critical. Informatics systems we utilize are lightweight, scalable, and highly flexible information management solutions that targets three areas of the translational research process:

  1. Clinical trials data management
  2. Basic science data management
  3. Collaborative infrastructure

Donations to Blood Cancer Research Fund:
There are two options for donating to the Blood Cancer Research Fund:

  • Request a brochure by contacting the BCRF administrator

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