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The BCRF continues to make numerous contributions to blood cancer research and cancer in general:

    • Discovery of the how Zap-70, an intracellular protein, that can be used as a useful prognostic factor in determining the aggressiveness of CLL.
    • The first laboratory to understand the microenvironment of leukemic cells and how the “nurse-like” cells support them.
    • Leadership of the national consortium of 7 prestigious universities studying the causes and treatment of CLL. Member scientists are among the most prominent investigators in the field.
    • Conducted the first-in-human gene therapy trials
    • Intra-Nodal Gene therapy trials (expanding to multi-site injections)
    • Key member of the researchers involved in familial cancer research
    • Principal investigators of a new breakthrough research effort using nanotechnology in the early diagnosis and treatment of early stage cancers.

Donations to Blood Cancer Research Fund:

There are three options for donating to the Blood Cancer Research Fund:

  1. Make a secure on-line donation by clicking here
  2. For using regular mail you can download and print the the Download the BCRF Brochure
  3. Request a brochure by contacting the BCRF administrator
  4. Gifts should be mailed to:

UC San Diego,  Moores Cancer Center
Office of Philanthropy
ATTN: Blood Cancer Research Fund (F-3133)
9500 Gilman Drive, MC 0853
La Jolla, CA 92093-0853

Please make check payable to UC San Diego Foundation, designated for Blood Cancer Research Fund (F-3133) for Dr. Thomas Kipps.  UC San Diego Foundation Tax ID is 95-2872494

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